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Brenda Lee photo

Brenda Lee appeared on a nationally televised
documentary on WEtv, “The Secret Lives of Women,”
in September 2009.

The Secet Lives of Women

Seminar / Speaker Info

"Brainwashing: Are You Immune?"

"About Counter-Cult Educator Brenda Lee "

TV Interviews

CBS4 Morning News
KCNC Channel 4
October 4,2009

Colorado and Company
KUSA Channel 9
September 2,2009
Colorado and Company

Daybreak on the Deuce
KDVR/KGWN Channel 2
September 1, 2009
Daybreak on the Deuce


"The Chosen" (Ohio)
May 14, 2010

The Extreme Society Show(Ohio)
December 18, 2009

(15.4MB file)
The Extreme Society Show

"The Chosen" (Ohio)
May 11, 2009

Mona Miller Show
December 2, 2007

(39.8MB file)
Mona Miller Show

Insight on The Word Radio
August 20, 2007

(7.0MB file)
Insight On The Word

Empowerment Radio(WA)
May 10, 2007

(12.8MB file)
Empowerment Radio

HealthyLife Radio(CA)
Apr 16, 2007

(16.6MB file)
Healthy Life Radio

Sep 5, 2006

(19.27MB file)
The Walt Bodine Show

Aug 22, 2006

(6.63MB file)

Aug 3, 2006

(6.16MB file)

Jul 30, 2006

(890KB file)

Jun 21, 2006

(7.67MB file)

May 20,2006

(768.47KB file)


JW Recovery Magazine
Fall 2009 feature article, pp.49-52: "Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Cult?"
written by Brenda Lee


Brenda Lee, Six Screens Conference Call - 9/12/09
(approx. 1 hour, edited)
(26.6MB file)

      •Jehovah Witness Shuns Son ( 4 min)

      •Is Coercive Persuasion Free Will? ( 2 min)

      •How Can I Heal The Pain?( 6 min)

      •JW Admits She Would Be Kicked Out If She Worshipped God Without Watchtower ( 3 min)

Brenda Lee, Six Screens Conference Call - 4/26/08

Brenda Lee - Reading Excerpts from Out of the Cocoon.
(Click play to listen)

KNOCKING Q&A Transcript
- open to follow along with audio below

Apostates confront JW Elder at KNOCKING premiere
(5.4MB file)

Brenda Lee studies with Jehovah's Witnesses
(8.34MB file)

In The News

Golden Transcript, October 8, 2009
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MileHighNews.Com, Jan. 26th 2006
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Catholic Exchange, Oct. 25th 2006
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Chris Stevenson's Point Blank's 10 Best Books of the Summer, 2006
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YourHub.Com, Feb. 16th 2006
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Other Work

Letter to Watchtower Governing Body

Mother's Day dedication

Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Cult?

Cult - A 4 Letter Word

About Cults

•Protect Your Family

Milieu Control

Cult of Confession

Mystical Manipulation

Demand For Purity

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Sacred Science

Doctrine Over Person

Dispensing of Existence

Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Cult?

Combating Cult Mind Control

Cult - A 4 Letter Word

Could My Loved One be Involved With A Cult?

Cults 101

Cults: Why So Controversial?

Four Steps Involving Cult Membership

What Purpose Do Cults Serve?


Jehovah’s Witnesses: What’s Behind the Watchtower Curtain
  also Bloopers
   July 18, 2009

Brenda Lee's Son Derek
   Oct. 13, 2007

Jehovah's Witnesses Encounter Truth Fairy
  also Bloopers
   Oct. 13, 2007

Cult Survivors: Was Membership Your Choice?
   July 11, 2007

   May 10, 2006
   - High-speed access
       (12.5MB file)
   - Dial-up access
       (5.3MB file)