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The "Watchtower" Movies

by Brenda Lee 10. August 2009 14:13

Comment By Joan F:


I keep seeing similarities between the JW experience and movies....


What about "The Truman Show" where the main character wakes up one day to discover that his whole life is a scripted "loop" in a program invented by shadowy others...and what he thought was really real was nothing more than entertainment for someone else. I thought the similarities with this premise and the Jehovah Witness experiences were too spooky for words. I have come to firmly believe that the Governing Body and their handpicked Bethel minions are indeed sinister puppet masters. Bethel Headquarters is to me like the control tower of a "Mother Ship" pushing the buttons of people's lives and enjoying the outcome. I don't think their so-called policy changes are changes at all but cynical intelligence tests to see how many of the rank and file will run like lemmings in whatever direction they decree. They know that anyone who stops running and says "STOP THE INSANITY" will be trampled in the melee or turned on and turned in. This is one of the ways they get rid of people still capable of using their powers of reason.


“The Stepford Wives" remake was another eye opener for me.  Actually the original was closer to the sinister message intended by the author. It was like watching what happens to a person becoming a Jehovah Witness...the banality of evil served up with oily smiles and lovely promises and if you can't see the "paradise" then there's some serious adjustments that need to be made, like sucking your rational mind out and inserting JW Dub-speak. The movie was billed as a dark comedy and that too was on the mark.


Comment by Brenda Lee: 

What about the movie “Cocoon” where you never grow old and you never die or “The Village” where people are psychologically chained to a communal lifestyle through fear induced by the leadership?


Then too there’s “Logan’s Run” in which the entire community is housed within a sort of bubble, protected from the outside world, and killed off in a ritual ceremony before they get old.  The two lead actors go along with the program until they realize their time is up and make a run for their lives.  In doing so, they discover a world outside the bubble that isn’t nearly as frightening as portrayed.


The theme in all of these movies feels oddly familiar.  Makes you wonder if some of these Hollywood writers grew up in JW-ville, doesn’t it?

 I just finished watching a movie called “Frailty” and it was an eerie depiction of the dysfunctional dynamics of a cult leader’s mentality as portrayed by a father who decides that God has chosen him to murder “demons.”  Watch it yourself and see if you see the similarities.  Nearly every line in the movie was a replay of my own experiences (minus the literal murder part). Someday I’d love to see my story, “Out of the Cocoon,” made into a movie!  Anyone know a good screenplay writer? Can anyone think of any other movies that portray cult or mind control? 


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