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Terror at the Jehovah Witness Assembly

by Brenda Lee 10. August 2009 14:07

From Art:  The conventions were repetitive, boring, uncomfortable, arduous, and, ultimately, silly. But I had learned “The Truth” and, therefore, I had been set free to attend this charade once a year. Or else!  

One memory in particular stands out. I was at the District Convention in Denver (Colorado, USA) at the old McNichols Arena (which has since been torn down), and I was standing outside the east entrance one convention morning when, all of a sudden, this pale-faced (I mean the guy was white as a sheet) young man with the fear of God on his face came rushing along ordering everyone to get away from the edge! I was leaning up against this "edge" which was something like three stories above the parking lot down below. The "edge" was, in fact, a low concrete wall that served as a barrier to kept people from falling. I had been enjoying the morning view of the Denver skyline when this berserk brother with a "Convention Security" label under his nametag had come, and I was naturally alarmed. Honestly, my first thought was (I kid you not) "Sniper!" As the guy gets up to me I asked him what was going on, and his reply was, "Get away from the railing, we don't want to encourage them!" and then he was on his way, continuing some divinely inspired task, no doubt. So, I walked back to the edge and looked down to see what had caused such terror. 

There was nothing. Later, I found out that it had all been about a young man and a young woman who, I guess, were "apostates" (I had to guess this because apparently they had left their horns, pointy tails, and fellow slave beating equipment at home) and who had managed to bring a hastily scrawled sign and an armload of what might have been tracts that they had been trying to give away. When the realization of the total absurdity of the situation hit me, I felt like crying. Then, slowly, but for the rest of the day, the more I thought about it, the more anger I felt, until it became a low, simmering rage. "What a bunch of *%!" I kept saying to myself. That the power, majesty, and truth of Jehovah could be set into such spasms of fear, stupidity, and arrogance simply because two people wanted to say something. These guys loved to boast over Bible characters that had stood against armies because they knew that God was with them, but these twits soil their pantyhose over a pair of people! Later that day the attendance was mentioned as some figure over 10,000, and all I could think was, "Yeah, and completely brought to their knees by (just) two people." 


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