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Does the Watchtower Believe in Womens' Equality?

by Brenda Lee 10. August 2009 13:21

Here’s what the leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses have written in their literature over the years: 

When there are no qualified male members present in a congregation, a woman may perform duties otherwise reserved for men; she must, however, in that event, and if she is teaching others in the presence of her husband or another male, wear some form of head covering besides her hair, which she normally always has.  (Aid, p. 725).   

A Christian husband is instructed to be mindful of the “limitations and vicissitudes” of his wife and to “consider the opinions, likes, and dislikes of his wife, even giving her the preference when there is no issue at stake. (Awake, April 22, 1972).   

A married woman who favors having her ears pierced should rightly consult her husbandly head. (Watchtower, May 15, 1974).  

If women had complete equality with men, governments would draft women to fight in the fields, jungles and trenches…Would you really want equality with men in digging coal out of a mine thousands of feet underground if men did their share of the housework?  Would you really want to spend equal time plowing fields and shoveling manure with your husband if he agreed to help you cook and clean at home? (Awake, May 22, 1972) 


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