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Demons in the Wallpaper

by Administrator 26. September 2009 13:54

From Tim:  When I was 5 years old, my (Jehovah Witness) parents came into my room late at night and took all my stuffed animals (save for one I got when I was born) and burned them in a barrel so "Satan and his demons" wouldn't possess them and play with me. They did the same thing with my sister's and brother's stuffed animals. This was after a rumor went around stating that a JW girl's wallpaper, which featured "Smurfs", got possessed by demons and the Smurfs jumped off the wall and played with her. Parents were urged to destroy anything worldly that their children had that could be possessed.  I felt confused during and after that "burning" incident. I just remember watching the flames from my bedroom window that night leap from the barrell where dad usually just burned the trash. Of course after my parents explained the rationale behind what they did, I just accepted it, but at the same time I was fixated on this mental image of demon-possessed smurfs jumping off the walls and tricking some little girl into playing with them. I was sure whoever she was, that little girl would die in Armageddon, and thereafter I saw Satan in just about everything. The one thing I remember them buring was an E.T. my aunt had given me because E.T. was huge that year. Strange to think that one of the most iconic movies from my childhood brings to mind such a memory.  Anyway, that was almost 30 years ago in rural Alabama where we lived at the time and aside from my older sister, I have yet to meet or talk to anyone who remembers that rumor and subsequent "cleansing" so I'm not sure how widespread it was.  Does anyone else have a similar story about demons possessing objects?

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