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A Family Member Describes Her Sister's Conversion to Jehovah's Witness

by Brenda Lee 10. August 2009 13:02

The author of this, who chooses to remain anonymous, was never a Jehovah’s Witness.

I "had" a sister who joined the Jehovah Witness (JW) cult, and I got to watch their deceit and slight of hand up close and personal.

It was amazing to watch those people just BLINDLY follow and vehemently support any nonsense the Watchtower society spewed forth--including their end of the world "prophesy" around 1980. The day came and went as did any other day, with all the JW cultists--for that is what they are--expecting the world to end at any second, and all JW's being transported into "The New System," while the rest of the world, including me, was to be destroyed. Well, as I said, the day came and went, and they were collectively at a loss as to explain why I and every other non-JW was still alive. That part is simple to me now, having learned more about TRUE Bible prophesy: we have not yet been subjected to a one-world government and ruler, and a cash-less society.


Anyway, the way the JW's lured my sister with boys and booze, positively poisoned her against her own family, arranged a marriage for her ("for her own good", but married her to a man who was deeply in debt, moved 3500 miles across the country to be married to her, and then they moved ELEVEN TIMES in the four years after their "marriage" to stay a step ahead of his debt collectors). They then kept track of nearly every single thing I did through their local "grapevine" and quite possibly were the instigators in a series of problems that would have had me walk away from the family farm so my sister (read: the local JW's) could take it over, making the very name of them today taste like snake venom to me.

I haven't heard a peep from my "sister" in eight years, and I try to keep my business only to myself so the local JW "grapevine" is stymied in their efforts to frustrate and/or ruin me in their spite at not getting our family farm to distribute among themselves, the end result, of course, in it also largely going to the Watchtower Society.


They are a vicious, evil-to-the-core, cultist organization, formed merely to make every single pamphlet and book they publish and guaranteed "best seller" because the unsuspecting sheep of their flock have to buy them all, whether they are able to get their money back in distribution or not. And, of course, the Watchtower Society MUST keep changing their philosophy, to make the next new publication "news," or the need to purchase them would quickly become stale. What more "shattering" "news" could there be than the end of the world, predicted to the day? Any changes in concept or philosophy--and there were MANY in the days I was exposed to the JW's through my "sister"--are also deemed noteworthy, as the entire cult must buy them to remain "informed". I watched Maple Leaf wieners be condemned, then approved, then condemned again in the course of less than a year. The JW's collectively were adamant on the disproval/ approval/disproval of them.  The Maple Leaf flap (pardon the pun) happened around 1980, also, and was focused on whether Maple Leaf put animal blood in their wieners. I doubt they did, as that would shorten shelf life…(and) all carcasses are 'bled out,' so there wouldn't be any in the wieners, anyway.  I was a teenage kid then, but after my sister left, I made sure my parents bought Maple Leaf wieners only, just to show my disgust at the JW's blind and foolish cultist followings.


After the Jonestown massacre (in 1978), my parents became alarmed at the possibility of a mass JW suicide calling, as JW's collectively WOULD have blindly followed ANY directive given them by the Watchtower Society... but dead cultists don't buy magazines and books in the millions, and the Watchtower Society isn't that stupid.



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