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2009-10-28 I'm Hurting - What Can I Do to Heal? 4
2009-10-28 New Light--Just a Dimmer Switch 5
2009-10-28 Jehovah's Witnesses Eagerly Anticipate a Horrific Armageddon 5
2009-09-26 Lying for God 5
2009-09-26 JWs Don't Pass a Collection Plate! 5
2009-09-26 Demons in the Wallpaper 5
2009-08-10 What's the Best Way to Leave Jehovah's Witnesses? 5
2009-08-10 The "Watchtower" Movies 5
2009-08-10 Terror at the Jehovah Witness Assembly 5
2009-08-10 Does the Watchtower Believe in Womens' Equality? 5
2009-08-10 Do Watchtower Teachings Spill Over Into Your Life Today? 5
2009-08-10 Do Jehovah's Witnesses Really Follow the Bible? 5
2009-08-10 Jehovah's Witnesses: Most Family Oriented Group on the Planet? 5
2009-08-10 Actual Shunning Letters from Jehovah's Witness to "Loved" Ones 5
2009-08-10 A Family Member Describes Her Sister's Conversion to Jehovah's Witness 4.7
2009-05-22 Why do you consider the Jehovah’s Witnesses a dangerous cult? 4.5
2009-05-03 Book Review: I'm Perfect, You're Doomed by Kyria Abrahams 5
2008-10-26 If the Bible is the truth and unchanging and Christmas is pagan, then why did Jehovah's Witnesses used to celebrate it? 5
2008-10-26 Answers from Cocoon Readers: Should I invite my JW family to my wedding when I know they won't attend? None
2008-10-26 Watchtower: Scream when being raped or be disfellowshipped (and shunned) for fornication! Commentary by Darlene. 5
2008-10-26 Answers from Cocoon Readers: How can you forgive your family or friends after they have caused you so much pain? None
2008-10-26 Personal Observations by GH (California) re: JWism and Abuse None
2008-10-26 Answers from Cocoon Readers: What do you wish someone had told you when you were disfellowshipped? None
2008-10-26 Until you come back on Jehovah's side.... None
2008-10-26 Answers from Cocoon Readers: How Do You Co-Parent When Your Ex-Spouse is a JW? None


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